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A Lady Who Loves To Read is a non-governmental agency (NGO) that aims to promote reading in the Ghanaian culture. A safe haven for book addicts and “wannabes”; the roots beneath your desire to indulge in a book. The only reason we exist is to see to it that everyone reads, to promote the reading culture in Ghana. 

What you’ll find  here:

  1. Book reviews 
  2. Books you can borrow
  3. Book vendors you can buy from
  4. Books events and pop-ups
  5. Book Challenges
  6. Entries for articles, short stories and poem

“He that loves reading has everything within his reach. “

-William Godwin

We can all play a part in influencing the reading culture in Ghana.

Each time I meet my friends who have kids, I ask them “Have you bought them books?”
“Are you reading to them?” “Are you reading yourself?” Because if a child doesn’t see mummy and daddy reading, it will be difficult for them to develop that habit to read. I normally recommend to my friends who are parents and are very busy to start the child up with a reading process at a very young age. You can record a 5 minute video of yourself reading a book aloud and have the caretaker play it to the kids while you’re are busy or at work. With this even before the child gets to age one, the child has seen so many videos of you holding a book which will help them develop the habit of reading.

“Children are made readers on the lap of their parents”

-Emily Buchwald


I also encourage adults and parents  to ask children they come in contact with what they are reading instead of buying only toys for our children, friend’s child or nieces/nephews on their birthdays, we can buy them a set of Ananse story collection and Peggy Oppong’s books for children. If we want our children to have wild imaginations and be open-minded, the best place to start is through reading.


“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” 


Hello there!

I’m Dorcas Fafali Tsey and i’m a book addict. In an attempt to promote the reading culture in Ghana, I launched “A lady who loves to read” in 2016.