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If you want to join the one book a month book addict club on WhatsApp,
Kindly read the below rules and confirm if you still want to join.The decision to join afterwards means you have chosen to obey the rules.


The Whatsapp  platform unites us and makes it easy for us to share books, set book goals, encourage each other to read and to discuss the books we read. From different backgrounds it also gives us an opportunity to learn from each other and sets the pace for friendships. 


This page is strictly for books and about books . No forwarded messages, lessons, info etc  posts  not related to books please.
Don't spam with chain messages and forwarded  messages.
Actively participate in the group.  Don't completely ignore.  keep a check on conversations so you don't miss something important.Active participation is required, non-active members will be removed after a Grace period.
No nudity/profanity in posts. Offenders will be sanctioned
No abusive words. Respect each other.
The page will be loud at times and quiet at times,learn to tolerate both.
It is important that we have entertaining times. Fun is important. You can introduce a game etc to the benefit of us all. After approval is sought
Each month , one book will be shared.
Every week, there will be a book discussion on that book.
Every day, there will be updates on books we are reading.
The Books are strictly Christian & African Literature

Click on the button below and send us:

  • Your name
  • Your Location and
  • How you found out about the book club